Did You Know Anything About the Shelf Life of Your CBD Oils?


CBD, the wonderful magical food supplement of the decade is no new topic for any of our regular readers. However, I am sure that today’s topic that we are going to cover regarding CBD is definitely is quite new. This is because of the frequency in which this topic is discussed when anyone talks about CBD.

Each and every one of us seem to know all about CBD and how it helps in relieving and soothing pain. How it can even be used as an additional supplementary medicine to help improve even chronic painful conditions, how CBD can be used to regulate your sleep pattern etc.

However, have you ever thought about how to buy, use and store your CBD products? How long does a product last? Do they have a long shelf life? In today’s topic, we will get to cover on this interesting information and will guide on the storage of your CBD products and help you extend the shelf life of your CBD by taking the right care and preserving measures.

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Things you should know about the shelf life of your CBD products

I would like to tell something about the shelf life of your CBD product pretty directly as I do not want to sugarcoat a fact that you rather should get it right. Like any other food product, there is no fixed shelf life for this as well and it is highly subjective and based on various criteria. Also, there are not many things you can do or regulate to control this.

Yet, these are some facts that you should know about CBD and its shelf life and some tips on taking good care of them and storing them right so that you will make the most of your CBD supplements.

  • All the product labels will contain a date on which it was made or manufactured and some will have a Best by date as well, while the rest of them will let you take the call.
  • Most manufacturers suggest that you consume CBD within one year from the date of manufacturing.
  • However, it is believed that if stored and handled right, one can double the shelf life and you can use them up-to two years from the manufacturing date.
  • The CBD, like any other product, may lose its flavor, potency and quality with time.
  • When you store your CBD, make sure to store them away from strong heat, light and do not expose it to atmospheric air.

I believe that today’s article would have thrown some light on how to store and handle your CBD in the best way and get all its benefits.

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